Gig Hits

This post has a lot of design content that I have done. I tried to pick a good assortment from projects I enjoyed working on. Since it was mostly independent work, I titled the post "Gig hits". Please enjoy :)

Financial and Lifestyle Blogging

Short deadlines can really test your creativity. These are five brand identities I developed for a clients as well as blogging sites with mockup content. Each brand identity has the logo on the top of the spread and blog site below.

Skateway Studios

Skateway Studios is a rad studio for your music recording, recording tips, live music, and gear demos They requested a logo with love of a retro atomic theme...
Below are some of the concepts developed to the final iteration chosen (the last couple images).


If you know then you know what streaming is, and you're probably a gamer. I helped Omzmo develop her brand with a squirrely character that needs energized crystals to power her stream.
Looping intro screen, outro screen, and runner squirrel for AFK moments on her twitch stream.
This looping gif can be overlaid on top of any gaming content when you need to pause the stream.

Tired Iron Brand Identity

Tired Iron practiced industrial design working with wood and metal to make functional home furniture. I developed a package of designs with mockup logos and social media displays to get us to our goal identity. See the development of the icon and logo below...
In context social media displays below...

JCB Horse & Auto Sales

Another similar project to the previous Tired Iron, was developing a Logo for JCB Horse & Auto Sales. Their business was successful with horses and starting to move onto auto sales in the future, but mostly focused on the horses. So we wanted this logo to have a bit of versatility. Design Package presented to client below...

Cleaning Up a Mess

Sometimes you need to take someone's idea and clean it up, visually, so its more legible and people can understand it better (with new branding if you rebranded them). The images below are before and after examples from a presentation for investors to understand the source and flow of efforts of the company's solutions and integrations. 

Last But Not Least: Fostah's Pickles

This was another fun project: Fun family owned pickle company. They needed a logo and a label so I was happy to help out. Simple design for a sticker that would look great on apparel too.

Thank You

These have been some examples of love for graphic design that I enjoy doing. If you enjoyed this post, then check out some of my other posts. I appreciate you spending time here and your attention is invaluable, so again, thank you.


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