Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale was a fun folklore short series to design and illustrate. I drew all these digitally starting with line work, then positive and negative space of black and white, then value with gray fills. After that I played with color and the finer details of light and shadow.
I made this series as limited edition NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain and made giclee prints on archival paper with deckled edges.
For fun, I also did a cover illustration to start the series off using elements from each character’s scene...
"A Devious Mermaid" luring sailors to their doom.
"A Scapegoated Witch" escaping a tragedy with her familiar.
"A Manipulative Vampiress" magically raising the dead to seek vengeance on the river town below.
“A Fantastic Fortune Teller” revealing one of life’s real fortunes.
and, “A Captivating Ringleader" basking in the spotlight of her circus.
The prints are 8 x 8 inches and came out looking beautiful, individually and as a set.
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