Maleen's League (of Legends)

I'm a gamer. I've been playing video games ever since the NES with Duck Hunt and Mario Bros. So yea, video games have made it into my art, but I haven't shared any of that stuff on here. 

Now to get more contemporary; I've played League of Legends off and on since season 4 (and never getting out of silver rank), so I was excited when I got a commission request for an original League of Legends painting.

The request was to do whatever I want in my style using several Champions that Maleen frequently played. The champions chosen were Miss Fortune, Nami, Diana, and Ashe. The following images depict the process I took to achieve the final commission: an original league painting in acrylic on traditional canvas that hangs from a single point in a banner style.


The Process 


I started with rolled canvas that I measured to the appropriate length. I had the edges folded back on itself and used a sewing machine to seam every edge for durability. Then the top and bottom needed to be folded and sewn again for the slip holes for the wooden dowels that the canvas will hang from (pictured below).


I did the drawing digitally (which is entirely is own process) until I was happy with the composition, line work, positive and negative space (and I did some color testing before I started painting). Digital rendering pictured below.


Time to start painting. I set up my studio space to taped the canvas to the wall where I first primed it with clear acrylic and let it dry for 24 hours.


While it was drying, I planned out a grid on my digital drawing to translate to a scaled up grid on the canvas by hand (done in pencil) before I start painting with acrylics.


Once that is done, its time to start painting, layer by layer. I put a layer of white acrylic paint on first everywhere there is going to be color to help them pop. The following images will be a sequence of apply layers (and one of the studio).





For the final piece I stained and coated the dowels, added wooden finishing end pieces, and drilled in black metal chain to hang it from a single point (also a final clear acrylic coat to protect the piece).



The Final Piece 


Maleen was very happy and excited with the final piece. I packed it very carefully and shipped it to her. I was very pleased to hear it made it to her safely and is hanging over her dining table. :)



Thank You 


I appreciate you spending time here and your attention is invaluable, so again, thank you. Hopefully I will be writing more posts and sharing creativity through curiosity with you.

If you have any questions, inquiries, or just want to reach out, then send me an email:

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